About Us

Not everything has to be pure seriousness: there may be laughter too

“A good self-employed person has to work hard, solves everything on his own and has more money than time.”

We both come from a nest where this philosophy was the norm. We followed in the footsteps of our parents and also became hard-working self-employed people with little time for the children or for hobbies.

And then it went wrong. The company grew in volume, but it was not profitable enough. We could not motivate the staff, we had no time for a long-term vision and no insight into our pitfalls. Work became an ongoing struggle.

The fact that it went downhill so quickly with the profits and with our energy, was actually fortunate.

It was the start of a search for other ways of working. By following various processes about people and team development, motivational leadership and value-driven entrepreneurship, we got the company back on track. A few years later we were able to sell it.

For Ingrid this was a repetition of what she experienced from home. She saw her parents’ business decline in an increasingly saturated market. Moreover, her father was a hard worker, but he lacked “people skills” and entrepreneurial spirit. That was a motivation for Ingrid to investigate what really energizes and motivates people.

For more than 10 years, Ingrid has coached professionals and team leaders based on insights from talent management, leadership models and corporate democracy. Ingrid wants to see results. Visible and measurable results. She prefers to work with small-scale companies where growth and reflection are possible.

After 7 years on his new course, Bart is still amazed that doing business can be so much easier.

From entrepreneurial networks and insights from organizational development and experiential coaching, he learned how successful entrepreneurs take up their leadership. And have time for their family and hobbies.

He shares the knowledge that he lacked in his family business with SMEs who are struggling with similar obstacles.

He helps entrepreneurs in their role as visionairs, inspirers and developers. And this with his engaging attitude.

Our conclusion? It could be easier. And with more efficiency and more fun.

We have grown into “adult entrepreneurs” and are now doing what is written for us.

We have long-term relationships with our customers, who are grateful and confident in what we do.

What is striking about us?

Our favorite quotes

What is striking about us?

Our favorite quotes

Our vision on entrepreneurship:

We believe that there is the power of an inspiring leader in every person.

But we find that many self-employed people lose themselves in hard work, taking power and keeping everyone happy.

We want to elevate these self-employed persons to entrepreneurs 2.0: Entrepreneurs who have a vision, who lead motivatingly and at the same time feel focused and free.

What is typical for Ingrid?

My entire career revolves around the following themes and courses: Family Dynamics in Business, Storytelling, Coaching with Theory U, Talent-oriented coaching, Theme-Centered Interaction, Narrative Counseling, Bereavement Counseling in Change Processes, Voice Dialogue, Mindfulness, Visual Therapy and Non Violent Communication.

What is typical for Bart?

We believe in lifelong learning. My favorite field of work and learning is about Effective Leadership, Corporate Storytelling, Social Media and Online Marketing, Organizational Processes and Workflow, Business Communication, Group Dynamics and Character Structures.